2018’s best cars for seniors

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Are you shopping for a comfortable, safe, and practical car for a senior driver in your life? It can often prove to be a challenge to find just the right vehicle for a senior driver, as there are added considerations over when you’re shopping for a younger driver. Senior drivers have needs that could extend to needing solid visibility, easy to understand and use controls, increased safety options, and of course it needs to be relatively easy to get in and out of the vehicle.

Considering the crossover vehicle

Crossovers are a relatively newer design in vehicles. They merge together the best attributes of the sport utility vehicle, with the best of the small or mid-size sedan. Combined with great safety features and safety ratings, the crossover also offers drivers a high seat when they are behind the wheel. For a senior driver the ability to sit higher and see more can be hugely beneficial for a number of safety reasons.

Crossovers also offer great comfort features for both the driver and passenger, and they are also very often found at a price point that fits the budget for most people who are on a fixed income.

Here are some of the best crossovers to consider for seniors in 2018.

The Subaru Forester.

While this vehicle may be marketed to appear ideal for the outdoor adventure thrill seeker, many of those same features actually make it an ideal choice for a senior driver to consider. The Forester has a chair-like driver’s seat, which offers driver’s a really wide and elevated view of the road when they’re behind the wheel. Not only that, but the height of the vehicle itself is a great choice for the senior driver who is perhaps unable to step up into a taller vehicle, or who struggles getting down into a low-riding sedan. The Forester also boasts exceptional safety features, which makes it a solid choice for a driver who may not be as confident behind the wheel.

The Nissan Rogue.

This crossover has been popular for several years now, but with the 2018 model came added safety features and boosted levels of comfort. The Rogue gets great gas mileage, so it’s a good choice for small trips and even longer trips to see family and friends. The backseat and trunk space offer plenty of room for all of the essentials, and for those larger grocery store runs. Nissan has many integrated technology solutions that are designed to help keep drivers focused and safe, including lane-keep assistance.

The Kia Niro.

Fuel-efficient and budget-friendly, the 2018 Kia Niro is a new member to the Kia family of vehicles. It’s a crossover with ample seating for drivers and passengers alike, along with offering great cargo space. The integrated technology is easy to understand and to use. The Niro may look like an SUV but it drives comfortably like a car, with the added bonuses of being easy to get into and offering good wide visibility when drivers are behind the wheel.

The Hyundai Kona.

As one of the newest additions to the Hyundai family of vehicles, the Kona is a great budget-friendly choice that is packed with a number of safety and comfort features. It handles smoothly on the road, which is a must for a senior driver. One of the best features of the Kona is that if offers wide door openings, which will ensure that it’s easy to get in and out of.

The Buick Encore.

This crossover boasts some of the best rated safety and reliability features, making the Buick Encore a great choice for a senior driver. The integrated safety features include lane departure warnings, forward collision warning, and blind spot monitoring. These added features can help senior drivers maintain their safe and spotless driving record. The Encore is easy for senior drivers to get in and out of, and it is very easy to handle on the road.

There are always a great number of deals offered by dealerships and automotive manufacturers across the nation. Sales and incentives will change monthly, so it’s important to take a little bit of time to do some research into the pricing and deals offered by car sales lots near you. Get your search for the best car for a senior driver started today.

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