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As we zip through the 21st Century and our youth gets further and further away with each second that passes, our futures become both closer and unclear like we’re battling a terrible case of farsightedness. The uncertainty of not knowing where you want your future to end up can be quite terrifying. Statistics from thehill.com1 show about a third of US adults have a four-year college degree. According to the same report from the Census Bureau2, this would be the highest level measured by the Bureau ever. 

There has been a 28% increase of Americans 25 and older who have completed a bachelor’s degree in the last decade. This number is actually a considerable jump from the mere 4% of Americans claiming a college degree over 70 years ago. As technology advances, it impacts all aspects of our working economy. We see a number of Blue Collar jobs becoming automated, demanding a higher working pool from the white collar work force. With the rise of computers and machines comes the need for people to have the right education to be able to control them. If you haven’t furthered your education beyond a high school diploma, the employment world can emerge as a difficult sea to navigate.

If you’re amongst the 66% of Americans 25 or older without a college degree, you could be feeling a bit left behind and intimidated by the minority of Americans who do hold a degree. Being amongst the older working class, the idea of going back to school to get a four year degree could seem improbable if not impossible. Not doing so decreases the possibility of your resume being a standout amongst the millions of resumes employers get on a regular basis. Without the degree, you could be left stranded, but could still be left stranded financially in the pursuit of the degree that’s meant to uplift your life. Where is an under institutionally educated mind to turn? Great news is nowadays, a four year college degree isn’t the only path to career success. 

A majority of college graduates don’t use their college degrees in their respective careers. According to the Washingtonpost.com3, only 27% of college graduates have jobs that are actually related to the degree they shed all that money out for. There is a better way, and that is Trade schools. There are countless benefits to getting certified from a Trade School. Here are a few to get you started.

The Cheaper Cost of Education

Many aspiring students do not have the resources to be able to pay for a four year college degree. Many older working adults don’t have the time. They may be taking care of a family, or working a few jobs to get by. Many of us don’t have thousands of dollars to shell out monthly for college tuition. This is where Trade Schools become critical. Many Trade Schools are complete when it’s right for you. You are not confined to a classroom for 8 hours a day, then confined a college library or dorm room for another 8 hours. All the while, not being paid for the time you are putting in. You can work simultaneously while attending a trade school to improve upon your skillsets. You will save thousands upon thousands of dollars without the need to step foot in an institutional classroom.

Job Security of Trade Jobs

Many trade jobs require a very specific skillset, which could be considered niche. This means only a small select few of any population carry this particular skill. If they can’t find anyone else to do what you can do, and what you’ve been professionally trained to do, you have just secured your job for quite some time. It doesn’t mean you can slack off and not prove you deserve to be there, but it does mean you have a lot more negotiating power to name your own price. Within reason of course. That is a key factor trade jobs have over your general industry positions. Many students in business schools learn the same concepts and ideas. There are a finite amount of jobs out there for business professionals, which makes the job pool very challenging. Also makes finding a job that much more of an uphill battle. If you have a trade on your resume, that no one else has, the amount of years other candidates spent in a 4 year college won’t matter because they’ll need you.

Specialized Programs Produce Desired Skill Sets

When entering into specialize programs, the ideal skills are derived from said programs. The programs are specifically designed to produce a certain outcome. To give participants particular skills to complete a certain kind of job. Institutions tend to not teach these types of course because the demand is low for the knowledge and skills. The institution may lose money trying to implement less popular programs. A trade school can maneuver in that particular skills lane far more easily than a large school. If you teach people exactly what they need to know to complete the exact job you need completed, the odds of success and revenue growth increase.

Quicker Path to Earnings

At the end of the day, what we really want by returning to school is more money. We want to increase our worth and it’s hard to do that when you don’t have the right skills employers want. Once you identify the career path you’d like to pursue, find out what skills are required for that trade. You can generally find programs that last mere months, as opposed to trying to go back to school to get a 4 year degree. You can condense your path to more money by pursuing a trade and cutting the school time required to become qualified in your dream job. 





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