Is Your Mattress Causing You Pain? 3 Mattresses for Back Pain Sufferers

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One idea that is very hard to debate is the importance of sleep. Some very rich business professionals and chemically altered minds may disagree. For normal folk, especially with young children in the home, sleep is a precious, yet rare luxury. If you’re amongst the many people in the world who work in an office, outdoors, or maybe more in a blue collar type setting, you may feel the unfortunate consequences of depriving your body and mind of the eight hours of sleep recommended by The National Sleep Foundation, as found on 

There could be major physical impacts that come along with the mental and emotional challenges felt from sleep deprivation. As we age, we’re not nearly as active, tend to do a lot more sitting and a lot less eating healthy. This adds to the urgency of getting a proper night’s sleep. Many workers feel their bodies slowing to a grind with cracks and creaks that come along with aging with little to no physical activity. Many of the ailments we feel as we get older, can be attributed right back to the one thing that’s supposed to ease us into dreamland, our mattress.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have the opportunity to go to sleep at your leisure, or maybe you just really need it, that last thing you want to do is try sleeping on something that either feels like laying in a pool of whipping cream, or something that feels like a concrete park bench in New York. A bed that’s too soft won’t offer your body the support it needs when resting and could lead to unwanted shifting of bones and joints. Mattresses that are too hard could lead to stiffening of the body, leaving muscles and ligaments very soar. 

Many aspects of life have not been designed to function well with chronic back pain. To have your mattress be a large part of your back pain struggles is far from worth it. Especially if it’s a challenge that could be easily rectified. According to sleepsimple.com2, the mattress industry is evolving and manufacturers are identifying better designs that could assist with the alleviation of chronic back pain. With the advancement of technology, consumers get to reap the benefits of the costs of highly technologically designed mattresses being driven down. So you can essentially find yourself atop of a high-end, high-quality mattress for dramatically less than showroom price tags. Now that you know you can get rid of you back pain, get an amazing night’s sleep and afford the best mattresses on the market, where should you begin looking? 

Here are a few great mattresses you may want to consider when in the market for a new mattress.

AmeriSleep AS2

If you’re the type of person who finds themselves on their stomachs most nights, some would categorize you as a stomach sleeper. Believe it or not, there are mattresses that are specifically designed for people prefer to sleep on their stomachs. The AmeriSleep AS2 was carefully engineered with innovative proprietary materials to fit stomach sleepers. According to amerisleep.com3, the AS2 is a medium-firm mattress and contains transition foam layers, proprietary Bio-Pur™, Affinity with SMT, and proprietary Bio-Core™ foam layers, which have been reported to provide extra comfort with stable enough back support. 

As far as cutting-edge technology goes, according to the same website4, they have a Celliant® cover that is made with thermoactive yarn that is reported to convert body heat into infared. It sounds intimidating, but it’s perfectly safe and they have a guarantee to back up their claims. You can purchase a Queen size AmeriSleep AS2 for a promo price of $1099. During Cyber week sale, you can get a $200 discount and they’ll even throw in a couple of pillows. Amerisleep has a free shipping policy, as well as free returns.

Sleep Number C4

If you have cable, watch normal TV, and don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably seen or heard commercials about the Sleep Number beds. These are revolutionary beds that allow the sleepers to individually choose their perfect bed settings, in terms of firmness and angles of preferred sleep. Even if you have a significant other you share a bed with, both sleepers can individually adjust their sides of the bed to their respective settings for their best night’s sleep. What makes Sleep Number beds unique is that the mattresses are not filled with modern foam technology. The Sleep Number C4 is actually filled with air. The Sleep Number C4 allows you to inflate the mattress or deflate the mattress to your precise preference. 

According to sleepopolis.com5, the Sleep Number C4 promises quality, innovation, and comfort without the hefty price tag of other smart bed models. You can find a Queen C4 mattress for $1599, which is currently marked down from $1699. You can potentially save an extra $100 to $700 if you were to add the adjustable base to your smart bed.

Saatva Innerspring

If you’d like to feel like you are sleeping on a luxury hotel mattress, the Saatva Innerspring mattress may be the best mattress for you. As describes the mattress, it is uniquely designed with individually wrapped comfort coils. There are coils encased in foam in the top part of the mattress, which are designed to move with the contour of your body. It is innovatively designed to take into account your unique body shape. You can find a Queen Saatva Premier Luxury mattress for $1099.

Have a Better Morning with the Right Mattress

When you get a great night sleep, the next day’s productivity increases tremendously. You wake up feeling more invigorated and prepared to take on the day. When you don’t have chronic back pain or chronic body pain, life opens up and you feel freer. You know longer feel restricted to what your back pain allows you to do. We can all have a much better night of sleep with the perfect mattress. 







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