Smart Doorbells Give You The Best Security For Your Home

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Now that technology is almost in everything, you have the option to add a smart doorbell to add extra security to your home. These smart doorbells are affordable and help you identify anyone who comes up to your door that is acting suspicious. There have been many incidents when thieves that steal packages have been caught by the police because of a positive identification.

With smart doorbells you could talk to the person that comes to your door through your phone, this gives you the option to tell someone you’re not home or to deter thieves. You are also able to monitor your front door through your phone at any time with pretty good picture quality. Even though some people may think that getting a home security system would be a better decision but with the amount of money you will be saving and the innovative technology by buying a smart doorbell could be the better decision for you.

Here are some of the pros and cons about using a smart doorbell and how they will compare to a home security system.

The Benefits of a Smart Doorbell

There are many perks that come with upgrading your home with a smart doorbell that you will find pretty awesome. With a smart doorbell you have a constant surveillance on your front door which is the most used area of your home. It is smart to keep an eye on who is coming up to your door when your home and when you’re out, you never know if anyone is looking to steal from you. A great perk about smart doorbells are they have motion sensors that pick up anyone who is walking up and will automatically alert you, there is also an option that allows you to contact your local authorities with one click of a button. These doorbells are perfect for someone that often orders product online and helps you keep track of any packages being delivered.

According KGW8 News1 they stated that they questioned around 86 criminals that were serving time for home burglary about the way they would enter a home. Most of them answered that they would knock and if no one answered they would break in, but if they saw a smart doorbell they would avoid the home. They also saw that most of home burglaries happen between 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm which is because of people being at work and school.

When it comes to the whole United States, according to Consumers Advocate2 they stated that 65% of home burglaries happen between 10 am to 3 pm, this is the perfect time due to everyone being out of the house. The FBI3 also reported that home burglaries have went down by 27.4% because of the installation of smart doorbells. With this reliable facts, you should be thinking twice about getting a smart doorbell installed in your home.

With all your latest smartphones you are able to monitor your front door through an app, this makes it easy for you to see what is going on. You will also be alerted if anyone is coming up to your door and will show you a recorded clip of them. This is an amazing perk for you to monitor if you get a package or you are waiting for one of your kids to get home. With some of these smart doorbells you are able to lock and unlock your door through your smartphone. If one of your kids forgets their house keys it will not be a problem if you have a smart doorbell, all you have to do if access the lock through your app. And these apps are protected with the most security so that you will not have to worry about hackers.

The Cons of Smart Doorbells

Even though there are many perks that will benefit you if you install a smart doorbell but there are some cons that certain people may not enjoy and could prefer a home security system. With a smart doorbell you are only protecting your front door which leaves the rest of your house vulnerable, this isn’t the best solution if you have valuables in different parts of your house. According to Reader’s Digest4 they stated that burglars that can’t get in through the front door will look for other ways to enter the home.

Another downfall about smart doorbells is that if someone does break in to your house, there will not be a system that will contact the police automatically. With home security systems they offer you a system that will contact the police automatically when someone tries to break in and most of them are equipped with an alarm that might deter the thieves away. According to McGuire Locksmith5 they stated that the average burglar is out of the house within 12 minutes, this doesn’t give you enough time to contact the police if you have a smart doorbell. With the pros overweighing the cons it is up to you to decide if you want a smart doorbell.

Make a Decision Today

With the many different views about smart doorbells, hopefully this will give you an idea about installing one in your home. When it comes to protecting your home, a lot of people end up having both a home security system and a smart doorbell to insure that your home is safe. If you are looking to get a smart doorbell then now is the perfect time as the holidays are here and most of these products are on sale. You will be saving a lot of money if you end up just going with a smart doorbell but with the investment of a home security system you will not have to worry. Make sure to compare and make your decision today. 







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