The 5 SUVs Seniors Are Buying in 2019

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As we get older, our bodies become a lot more fragile than our younger selves. By the time we’re old enough to collect Medicare and Social Security, our bodies can break with one simple fall. Arthritis could affect many seniors, along with failing vision, hearing and much slower cognitive and motor functions. This could all lead to slower reaction time, and if you are a senior citizen, that could lead to catastrophe. Many seniors know this and accept this. 

Like many Americans, it is hard to imagine giving up your driving privileges. Especially when we still feel perfectly capable to operate a motor vehicle. There is an unfortunate stereotype around seniors and driving. There are commercials and comedic skits in sitcoms and movies, depicting seniors as dangerous behind the wheel. The older white haired grandmother who can barely see over the steering wheel in her boat of a Cadillac, weaving through out traffic. 

Nowadays, with the advancements in technology, cars can practically drive themselves. Many cars come with standard features from stopping for you if you aren’t paying attention, parallel parking the car, steering the car back in the lane if you find yourself veering, and many other unique futuristic features. So the idea of seniors whizzing up and down the interstate doesn’t sound so scary, knowing a computer can step in and save them if things get a bit dicey.

The self-driving car technology is making its way to the market in the forms of private transportation. In San Francisco and other cities, they are testing out smart car technology, in which self-driving cars will pick you up, take you to and take you from your destination. This will put Uber and Lyft in challenging positions, but could be very helpful for those who may be getting up there in age to drive. If you are amongst the youthful seniors who still love to flaunt their road warrior, you may already be taking an advantage of the high-end technology offered in today’s vehicles. If you are not much of a road warrior, but you’re a road warrior at heart, there are many options that your peers can vouch, are great vehicles. 

Take a look at the 5 SUVs seniors are trending to buy for 2019.

Acura RDX

The Acura RDX is a hot trending vehicle amongst the 62 years and up crowd. According to Acura.com1, this luxury crossover SUV starts at about $37,000 and boasts a MPG rating of 38 with 28 HWY mpg and 22 city mpg. Acura has improved upon its natural voice recognition system, making the smart car more convenient for seniors. Acura RDXs also come equipped with Acura’s AcuraWatch™, which according to Acura.com2, is a suite of advanced safety and driver-assisting technologies. These technologies assist seniors in staying aware while on the road and provide extra peace of mind.

Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester got stellar markings and ranked amongst the top 3 of compact SUV class, according to The quality and greatness of Subaru vehicles are great characteristics that college age adults and seniors can agree on with this car. Subaru SUVs are lower to the grown and not bulky like the typical SUV we see on the market, so it’s much more convenient to get in and out of the SUV, as if it were a Sedan. The Forester boasts 26 city and 33 HWY mpgs, along with All Wheel Drive. Seniors can fit grandkids or senior road warrior wingmen in the Forrester comfortably with room to spare. The Forester starts out at about $24,295 MSRP.

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander received amazing accolades for their 2019 model. The Highlander ranked 3rd amongst midsize SUVs with 3-rows according to Reviews of the Highlander have described the interior of the car as tranquil and elegant. After a long day of screaming grandchildren, tranquility will be exactly what you’ll need. The Highlander is a bigger SUV, yet it boasts a 19-30 city mpg and 24-28 hwy mpg. Seniors have their options of FWD for the more conservative drivers and AWD for the extreme senior off-road warriors. With that 3rd- row seating, you can take grandkids and best senior buddies at the same time.

Honda Pilot

The very versatile and roomy Honda Pilot is a classic amongst classics. Honda never seems to go wrong with their models and the Pilot has been around for quite some time, consistently improving upon what they have to offer their faithful consumers. Honda has improved upon the fuel economy for the Pilot and offers a lot more compartments than previous models. The Pilots safety features are second to none with the collision warning and adaptive cruise control carefully monitoring for potential peril. According to Edmunds.com5, the Pilot is well thought out and the interior proves to be extremely useful when full of passengers. The Honda Pilot starts at about $31,500.

Land Rover Range Rover

When you think of Land Rover or Range Rovers, you most likely think of luxury SUV. The Land Rover and Range Rovers will always be amongst the highest quality of SUV, which is why they are so popular amongst, not only seniors, but young successful individuals as well. It’s not clear if seniors are purchasing this car because of its extreme off-roading capabilities, or because the roomy posh interior cabin feels as if you are flying first class. The Rovers boast a 14-22 city mpg and 19-28 hwy mpg according to The SUVs are very powerful with horsepower creeping up to 560 hp. The Land Rover Range Rover ranked 3rd for Luxury SUVs and the price tag shows it. It starts at about $87,500, which is chump change for such luxury.

Whatever your preferences are for a vehicle when you cross the threshold of senior citizen, make sure you and your loved ones are safe within the confines of your luxurious vehicle. Shop around for what’s the most important features to you. The hard research has been done for you on countless websites to shop and compare between. It’s up to the consumer to decide what they’ll dream themselves in. This list of SUVs topping senior’s lists will be a great start. 








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