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Are you someone who loves to travel? Would you like to save money on your travels? Then applying for a traveling credit card is the best choice for you. There are many bonuses that you could get for traveling with certain credit cards such as discounts on your hotel room and airfare. Some credit cards even offer miles if you use their card to purchase plane tickets. With so many perks there is no reason why you should not apply for these credit cards.

When it comes to picking the right credit card it could be tricky at times, there are many options in which you could choose from. If you take a look online, there are many companies that are offering promotions all the time for traveling credit cards. Since there are many different credit cards you could choose from, here is a list of the best ones that will benefit you in your travels.

Capital One Venture

With the Capital One Venture Rewards card you are able to accumulate miles and even other benefits as well. The Venture cards allows you to use your earned miles on any airline and hotel which gives you a lot of flexibility. Sometimes Capital One will offer special promotions on certain hotels or airlines which could save you hundreds of dollars.

If you are looking to apply for the Capital One Venture Rewards1 card then you will be getting no annual fee, have as many miles for an unlimited time, no foreign transaction fees and if you apply today and spend at least $3,000 within three months then you will earn 50,000 venture points that could spend on whatever travel expense you want. Take a look today at the Venture card and decide if you want to earn some miles.


Bank of America has a traveling credit card that offers perks that other credit card companies are not. The Bankamericard Travel Rewards program could help you earn airline miles and points towards purchases that you make when you are traveling. You could spend your points on traveling expenses that could you a lot of money.

Banking with Bank of America already? Then you will have a higher chance to get more reward points than usual but if you are not there are many perks that you could enjoy. With the Bankamericard2 the first year will be 0% APR, non-existent blackout dates, earn 1.5% every dollar on all purchases and you can earn up to 20,000 rewards points for spending $1,000 in three months.

Gold Delta SkyMiles

Do you tend to fly with Delta airlines more often than the others? With the Gold Delta SkyMiles credit card you can earn the best benefits for flying with Delta. Not only are you able to earn air miles but you get free baggage claim and when it comes to lines you don’t have to worry as you will have priority boarding. You will be saving hundreds when it comes to Gold Delta Skymiles benefits, if you purchase anything from Delta you get 2 miles and you could save up to 20% on your flights.

There is so much that you could get out of the Gold Delta Skymiles3 card such as every dollar that you spend will earn you one point, enjoy free baggage claim at many different locations and if you apply today you could receive 35,000 points and $50 credit towards your account.

Platinum Card

With American Express you know that you are getting a reliable credit card with great benefits, the Platinum Card4 has many perks to offer. The reason why a lot of people get the Platinum Card is because you could earn up to five times the points when you make purchases through airlines or, and if you want to use your points on other flying programs then you could transfer them at 1:1 ratio.

The Platinum Card has an annual fee of $550 but if you are someone that travels a lot then this is perfect for you and will be worth the investment. Plus there are many other benefits that you will receive such as gaining access to special airport lounges, unlimited Wi-Fi in the airport, $200 in credit for any travel expenses and you don’t have to pay TSA Pre-check fees.

Chase Sapphire

Looking for the best traveling credit card then the Chase Sapphire Reserve card is at the top of the list, this card is best to get if you are someone that travels around one to three times a year. By just apply for the Sapphire5 card you are rewarded with 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points that you could spend on either airfare or hotel. Another great perk is the ability to transfer your traveling points to whichever airline that you choose giving you the most flexibility out of these credit cards.

There is an annual fee that will cost you $450 but if you are looking to travel a lot than you might as well apply. You could get your $450 back right when you get awarded your 50,000 points as this cost around $750. You are also awarded $300 in credit for every year you have the card, travel insurance and access to airport lounges.

Start Comparing Today

Hopefully this list of the best traveling credit cards will help you find the best one that you suit your needs. If you want a credit card for traveling then now is the perfect time, since the holidays are here there are many credit card companies that are offering promotions.

Take a look online today to find the perfect traveling card for you, compare the cards that you like and see what benefits stand out to you. Find the card that best suits the way that you travel and good luck.







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