The Best Ways To Find Great Deals In Las Vegas

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Is it time for you to take a vacation? If so the question is where? Las Vegas is an amazing spot for you to let go and unwind. With the brilliant nightlife to the extravagant casinos, Las Vegas has so many attractions to offer. If you are someone that is not into gambling do not worry for there are many options for you to choose from. If you like a quiet time you could spend your time in one of the many 4 to 5 star spas that are located within the hotels.

There is something for everyone who comes to Las Vegas for a vacation, whatever you like it is bound to be in the city of Las Vegas. Since the city never sleeps there is usually something to do 24/7 and the amount of high quality restaurants and bars around you will be enjoying every second. People often think that Las Vegas rooms are expensive but if you end up looking online you will find great deals and promotions that are offered all the time.

If you are looking to save money on your next Las Vegas hotel room then check out these tips and enjoy the savings.

Bundle Everything

Say that you want to fly over to Las Vegas, book a hotel room and rent a car but you are doing this all separately, if so you are doing it all wrong. You want to find a package deal that includes all three of the services you want. You can usually find these bundle deals online through traveling sites and they cost you half the price of just doing everything separately.

There are so many deals that offer you hundreds of dollars off both air and hotel, according to Orbitz1 you could save up to $536 on both flight and hotel. The bundle deal could be the biggest on savings and is a must if you are trying to fly into the Sin City. With these bundles you are also sometimes given other benefits such as free dinners or tickets to certain shows, make sure to take a look at a few to see options.

Compare Website Prices

With deals going on all the time it is best to compare each site, there are certain traveling companies that help you compare deals as well. Even though it is a good thing to plan your vacation ahead, it does not matter because even a sporadic trip will be cheaper when bundled. The best thing to do when looking for the best deal is to go on sites like and, with these sites they gather all the different deals and help you compare and pick which one you want.

When looking online it is good to look for any promotion or coupon codes that you will help you lower the price of your hotel room when could sometimes be quite expensive. Even though you can compare each deal as much as you want, the better choice is to look for a discount that is usually being offered through promotions. Vegas.com2 is offering %25 off on your stay on the Venetian and a $50 beverage gift card, it is deals like this that you will find everywhere.

Credit Cards

If you have a credit card with a bigger company they usually offer trip bundles through their promotions, this is a good way to get a discounted price and build some credit. Some credit cards even offer air miles so you will be able to earn points while going on vacation, with these air miles you are sometimes able to convert them into points used for hotels. Once you have traveled enough you could potentially get a room or a flight for free.

When planning your next Sin City trip make sure that you use a credit card that rewards you in either points or gives you a promotion for purchasing a hotel room. Using your credit card could save you cash in so many ways if you have the right one that gives you points. Start looking for a credit card that awards you when you are on vacation.

Perfect Time to Travel and Loyalty Programs

Sometimes Las Vegas could be a bit crowded during the summer or on any of the weekends. This makes the prices for both airfare and lodging shoot to the sky but if you plan your trip right you could save hundreds of dollars by just going during the off season. The best time for you to get a great deal is booking your hotel on a Sunday through Wednesday, this could save you hundreds or you could even go during January when it is a bit colder.

The busiest times for Las Vegas is during the months of February, March and all of the summer by avoiding any of those months you will be saving hundreds on your flight and hotel. If you want to save even more money sign up for a loyalty program that hotels offer. With these programs you are able to earn loyalty points in which you could spend towards your hotel, flight, food and attractions that the hotel has to offer.

With these loyalty programs you are able to earn point for even gambling, a popular program is M Life Rewards which is MGM Mirage’s loyalty program. With M Life3 you can save up to %10 discount off participating retail stores and you get access to a dedicated reservation line for hotel visits. Almost every hotel has a rewards program that could help you save.

Start Searching Today

With these tips hopefully this opens your eyes to a whole world of saving money. When looking for the perfect deal make sure to check online for deals and look for any promotions that your credit card is offering.

There is a vast amount of hotels and websites that are just waiting for someone to take their deal. Start saving your money and let your friends know that you are going to find a great deal for a great weekend in Sin City.

If you want to party and see things that you have never seen before make sure to look for those bundle deals and off season months, starting searching today. 





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