The Holidays Are the Best Time to Upgrade Your Laptop

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If you own a laptop or a computer, you’ve probably experienced somewhat of a slowdown in your computers functionality over time. Maybe you find yourself needing to reboot your computer at a much more increased rate. Your computer memory is running low and you find yourself with a regularly reoccurring feeling to throw your computer out of a window. Hopefully, saner heads will prevail and you will back-up your machine before you drop kick it off of a balcony on your next vacation. The great news is, there is hope for us with slow running computers.

Advancements in technology have passed the benefits down to the consumer. Tech giants are in a race to release the latest and the best in technology. When they compete, technology advances and we benefit since the supply tends to exceed the demand. A major variable in consumers not taking advantage of the technological advances made in consumer tech products, is concern over cost. It’s hard to look at hi-tech gadgets you’ve only seen on the Sci-Fi channel in some distant future on the planet Earth, and imagine you’d be able to afford such gadgets. The reality is, you most likely can afford some of the most hi-tech products. From smart homes to smart phones and lightning flash laptops, whatever extremely futuristic tech gear you desire can be yours for a reasonable price that won’t threaten to break the bank. The trick is to know exactly the best time to buy new tech gear.

Companies are beginning to turn technology so fast, it’s hard to know what version you’re in. You could’ve just bought an iPhone 5 months ago and there are already a version ahead of you. This quick funneling of new technology through the pipeline translates to end of the year savings to make way for the new breed of awesomeness. This is why the holidays are the best time to upgrade your technology and laptops.

Take Advantage of Special Offers This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s are hands down, many tech consumers dream days for purchasing their favorite electronics. Tech conglomerates similar to auto companies, are able to discount their products tremendously during the end of the ear as they ultimately want to make way for their new lines of technical gadgets. Rather than losing money on products that didn’t sell as expected for the year, they offer extreme discounts and pass down the benefits of extra inventory down to the consumers. Shoppers have claimed to see discounts up to 80% on certain items. From a tech company’s perspective, marking a laptop from $700 to $200 is a great bargain, because they are looking at eating the full $700. They still may make a large profits from dropping the costs because the parts they pay for to construct the laptop are bought in bulk and discounted to pennies on the dollar. Take advantage of benefits offered on Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Just-Released Laptops Will See Holiday Discounts

It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your new laptop purchase is going to be. What is important to many consumers when purchasing a laptop, is the bottom line. How much is the laptop going to cost? How can consumers go about getting the best deal possible? According to laptopmag.com1, the best time to purchase a brand new laptop is during the holiday shopping season. The shopping season generally runs from early November to 3 weeks after Cyber Monday, which takes us up to Christmas. So not only can you save big on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but also on the lead up time to Christmas. You’ll be able to put extra smiles on faces of your loved ones once they realize slowdowns and lagging memory from old computers is a think of the past…until the next round of updates of course.

What to Consider Before Buying a Laptop

Now that you know when you’re planning on purchasing your next laptop, it’s a great idea to know exactly what you’re looking for and what to consider before you pull the trigger to buy. According to ecloudbuzz.com2, many people tend to get confused when purchasing a new laptop because manufactures do not have vastly varying hardware and software configurations for computers and laptops that fall within a particular pricing range. It’s a great idea to go to the website of the respective laptops in the running for your consideration, but even still that could be overwhelming because of the information they provide on the web pages. 

Here are important areas to consider when buying. Cost is obviously extremely important. If you’re going to end up in the poor house for buying a new computer, you probably shouldn’t buy it. You may also want to consider the processor. It’ll define machine performance. You’re going to want a more powerful processor if you plan on playing games, editing, surfing the internet, etc. Intel processors tend to be more expensive, but higher quality. Otherwise, you can get by with an AMD. Other important areas that impacting performance are Random Access Memory (RAM) and hard disk drives. 

A great concept to keep in mind when deciding on memory, processing and storage, is the more the merrier. Screen size is another big one. You don’t want a computer with a screen so large, you can’t fit it in your computer bag. You also don’t want one so small, you’re better off with your phone screen. Consider Battery capacity as the more you add to your processing power, the more battery life the machine will require. Think about the main use of your laptop and make decisions on features from there.

Save Big on Laptops This Holiday Season

Don’t be one of the unlucky consumers who missed their opportunity this holiday season, to get the top of the line laptops. Laptops can drop in price as low as $199 and you can see savings up to 70% in some instances. Keep an eye out for great door buster deals on Black Friday and extreme discounts on Cyber Monday. You’ll have all the way up to Christmas to take advantage of the savings, before you’ll need to wait another year for great discounts. That’s if your laptop makes it that long of course. 




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